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Welfare dell’aggancio (Connection welfare), a project launched in 2013 in Cervia by the municipal authority and the Casa della Salute Isotta Gervasi medical and health centre, driven by the Laboratorio Regionale Community Lab, is above all the following: a vision of the city and therefore a political project for the city.



For whom?

Anyone can be a protagonist of the Welfare del’aggancio to connect the various resources that work on the issues of health and well-being, acting as a project by everyone and for everyone and not just for the most vulnerable.

This project is for you, as you’re involved in:


for all citizens

Welfare News
Welfare Eventi


institutions, politicians, directors, officials


third sector, volunteers,


universities, research centres,
foundations, professional associations, students

Welfare Formazione


social workers, sanitary workers, ‘tegole’,
places of care, Porte di comunità (Community Doors)

The following are dedicated to you: public events, seminars, conferences, testimonies, concerts. Permanent listening spaces, new practices and new reception practices. Design of generative welfare strategies, participatory courses and workshops






For information please contact:
Phone. 0544 979293
Phone. 0544 979252

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Servizi alla Comunità del comune di Cervia
Corso Mazzini, 37, 2° piano
Cervia (RA)


9-13 from Monday to Friday

15-17 Tuesday and Thursday

Welfare Dell’Aggancio locations

In addition to the welfare dell’aggancio room, which is home to some of the activities,
the project is spread out among various locations that network with each other.

Network of locations for listening and for meeting

Network of locations for care and well-being

Network of locations of proximity democracy

  • Area councils are participation bodies that allow the active involvement of citizens in community life. There are eight in the Cervia area. More Info...

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